Generators for RV Use

Get the very best out of your RV!

Purchasing the right gear for your RV is always an important decision and deciding on which generators for RV use to buy should be right at the very top of that list. The purpose of using an RV is to make camping and traveling on the road more comfortable. It makes sense to spend some time and effort finding the right generator for your RV because that will make your next trip seem like you almost never left the reliable amenities of home.


Many different brands of RV generators are available and there never has to be a sacrifice of quality when you choose the right one. Generac generators, Cummins Onan generators and Kohler generators are great brands, just to name a few.  There are other brands that are good and reliable as well and should not be forgotten; however, well-known and top brands are there for a reason and for those long trips that require power when you need it and electricity on-the-go, those forerunners in the industry won’t disappoint.

Long Lasting RV Generators

Attention to a maintenance schedule is important to keep an RV generator running smooth and for a long period of time. The benefits of purchasing a quality RV generator as opposed to a lower end model are also part of the equation when it comes to the longevity of your generator. Running a generator for air conditioning purposes is a very efficient way to use one because they will use less amounts of fuel. RV generators can use three different types of fuel source: gasoline, diesel and propane. With the right care, your generator will be around for a long, long time.

Lighted RV

A very basic reason many people have to do unscheduled maintenance on their generators for RV or trailers is because they don’t use them enough. Letting a generator sit for long periods of time without starting and running it leads to problems. Any generator should be run for a while at least once a month if not more. Those that work with generators or sell them say that running the generator for about a half hour helps to maintain the longevity of the motor.

Other ways to keep RV generators in their best shape is by changing out the oil every year. Installing a new air filter when necessary is also a great way to keep the generator running smooth. When the filter becomes grimy and soiled it is less efficient and hurts performance. Try to keep spare air filters as part of your RV parts kit.

How to Decide Which RV Generator to Buy

This has as much to do with price and brand name recognition as it does one other key component of buying your generator and that is power. How much power you need is very important. Small generators, ones in the 2600 watt area, are great for running small appliances, like coffee makers or microwaves, and simple things like lights for playing cards. A small generator will also run an RV fridge or toaster. Obviously, bigger generators will be used for bigger RVs and can provide over 15,000 watts of total power. These larger generators are better if you plan on powering two or even three air conditioners, heavier duty appliances along with lights, TVs and other smaller items.

The other factor in finding the right generators for RV enthusiasts may boil down to the biggest reason of all and that is the type of RV you own. A small RV might run a 30 amp system, this would require a generator model of a certain specific configuration. Considering the installation factors of a generator is also important. Many RV’s have a part of the vehicle that is made exactly for the purpose of holding a generator and ventilation is a key when it comes to being installed correctly. Check with your local RV dealer or owner’s manual to make certain you are making the right decision on these key areas.

When installed and maintained correctly, the right generator for your RV will last for a long time providing great value and comfort to any road trip. With so many brands and manufacturers to choose from there will be no shortage of viable RV generators to buy for RV, camping and traveling use for those who want to go out and hit the open road. Choosing the right wattage, size and fuel type of generator will make any RV vacation a great experience, one that RV owners might even compare to staying at a nice resort or hotel and one that they can take anywhere.

Although RVs can take their generators anyplace they go it’s a good idea to check on which campgrounds allow generators and at what times.  To check on individual park and campground rules and restrictions on generators check an informative website like the National Park Service.  Search out the campgrounds that you may be visiting on your route and take note of their policies.

The most important aspect of choosing the best RV generator for your travels isn’t price and it isn’t size, overall it is reliability.  Choose a brand that lasts.  Choose a brand that will back up its claims to value and quality with the basics and that is word on the street and recommendations.  Read this website and talk to others about which manufacturer will stand behind its message and whose overall credibility is strong.  This means they have generators that are in the field running for a long period of time and meeting the challenge of providing power on demand for the camping enthusiast and outdoorsman – that just happens to like hanging outdoors inside an RV – at least part of the time.

Enjoy your travels with electrical power by your side!