Used RV Generators for Sale

Purchasing the right used RV generators can seem like a daunting challenge at first but if one takes the right steps and does their research they will find the process much easier. When looking for used RV generators for sale the buyer should always follow two rules: learn about the particular generator brand and model you like best and know how the generator will be used. When you have enough information about the manufacturer’s customer support, the service on the generator and its run time history then you will be able to make the right decision.

When you buy a generator that’s used from a dealer it will probably cost much less than a brand new one. But the real issue is not just cost, someone can buy a poor RV generator for very cheap but it will do them little good if it breaks down. The benefit of buying from a dealer the generator for sale will have had a thorough inspection prior to the sale which means the dealer will also have to stand behind the sale and put their reputation on the line. Whether the generator is new or used a good dealer will take care to only sell product that passes their own test for functionality and usability. If there are small maintenance issues such as filters or other internal parts that need attention, the dealer will either let the buyer know about the problems or will have them fixed before offering it for sale.

Used RV Generator

Some of the disadvantages of buying used RV generators for sale will be the overall wear and tear the unit may of retained from use by another owner. The previous owner may have been rough on the generator running it all out on several occasions or they may have been easier on the unit keeping it well maintained and with low loads, but this is impossible to know just by looking at it or by the hour meter itself. Maintenance records may also not be available so it is a wild guess as to if a proper schedule was maintained.

The best thing to do is to balance the overall generator cost with the age and known and observable condition of the unit. Looking for a dealer with a good reputation is important when searching for used RV generators for sale as they will be someone you can go back to if there are ever any problems with the engine, exhaust or other parts of the generator. If there is a breakdown you may be looking at further generator repairs and will be spending more than you initially anticipated.

Finding a used RV genset for sale may be best done over the internet.  Of course, you’re asking, why not find a generator in my area and go check it out in person.  Well, that’s basically the idea because unless you know of a very reputable website that deals in used product it would be difficult to thoroughly trust anyone selling used generators online.  That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done but used equipment as opposed to new always carries the extra risk of the unit being a total lemon with very little recourse if it is very torn up inside despite a nice exterior.  A new generator will typically incorporate a manufacturer’s warranty in the least while a used item will have no such safety net at all.  Now what I noted above is that you should use the internet to find a used unit but only to find one that you can travel to and visit in person.  Meet the seller and ask a list of questions about the generator.  It is important, once again, to authenticate the actual run time in hours and to collect any relevant paperwork.  But even though the item was found through the internet it is best to physically check it out.

Used RV generators are not a bad idea as long as it has been taken care of and treated with respect.  The last thing an RVer should have to deal with is purchasing a used generator only to have to spend hours upon hours of unanticipated work on it in order to get it running correctly.  Take your time and find the best RV generator you can find.  Of course, you will need to add up how many appliances you would like to run off of it before checking into the possible ones for sale.  Don’t simply settle on a cheap find in order to jump into a generator that you think will round out your RV checklist.  Really plan out what you will be running with it and match it up to a generator that is available.

You will never regret doing your research on generator manufacturers and finding the best genset for your lifestyle, RV and travel plans.